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As a Digital Sales & Marketing Tech VA.
I'll go into detail about how I serve my current clients so you can better understand how I can help you.

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Digital Sales & Marketing Tech 

How I can help your business generate revenue online from your digital offers and everything tech!

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Digital Sales

Everything digital sales & live launches!

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email list building

Tips, tricks and so much more about how to grow an engaged email list.

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hey there.

I'm Tanya, fairy godmother to your digital marketing & sales strategy!

Because it's kind of like waving a magic wand and all that tech headache is gone. Poof!!! 

It started over lunch, some lemon water, a green tea and a good friend saying, "Pick a date and do it". 

October 12, 2018 was the day I left my 9-5. 

The good news is, you've found the woman who took all the courses, read all the books, listened to all the podcasts on everything funnel tech and strategy and cooked up my very own funnel business- with a side hustle of holistic nutrition. 

My plan? To help health and wellness peeps get as much education, information and expertise into the world as possible. AND do it in a way that doesn't burn them out in the process.

Sound like something you wrote on your vision board? I knew it. I'm Tanya, so great to meet you!!

Canadian girl, growthinc owner, data specialist, sales strategist


Start Getting Ready To Sell Your Digital Program NOW!

Even if you haven't finished building your program, NOW is the best time to start the sales process. How?  Download my roadmap and checklist and confidently take the next step towards selling your digital program. 

ready to get serious?

about selling your digital products?

It all starts here! Now let's do this!



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Hey there

for being here!


It's a very vulnerable and courageous thing to put yourself out there for the world to see and criticize. But here I am :)

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