3 Things Holding You Back From Selling Your Digital Product

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Hi I'm Tanya - Digital Sales Funnel Data Specialist. I'm here to help you generate the most income from your online offers so you can get to living that life you've been dreaming about!

Hi, I'm Tanya

Trouble selling your digital product? I’ll discuss mindset, sales strategy and poor results as possible reasons your holding back AND what to do about it!

First off, let me explain what I mean by digital product. That could be an online course, program, workshop, membership, summit, challenge, masterclass etc. If you can sell it online (and it’s not a physical product), then continue reading.

Ok, back to you.

Let me pull out my crystal ball and take a peek inside your business.

You’re the captain of a thriving health and wellness biz working closely with clients on a one-on-one basis. Flying solo’s more your style, but you may have the help of a reliable VA to assist with marketing and social media tasks.

Now you’re ready to step boldly into the online world with your own digital product or products.

Well, almost.

There’s one snag – it’s still sitting there on the shelf. (Whether it’s a work-in-progress, nearly complete, or still in the idea phase, the bottom line is, you’re not moving forward.)

Friend, you are NOT alone!

Maybe you’re stuck because you’re a newbie to this selling your digital product world, or maybe you’ve slapped a link on their website, hoping that “If you build it, they will come” holds true. (Quick check in: how’s that working for you?)

Either way, your aim is to improve lives, promote health, and offer people a better way of living, right?

Well, don’t throw in the towel just yet!

Time For A Mindset Shift

How’s the worthiness scale these days?

You are a master at what you do, no doubt about it. Yet, selling your digital program to the masses – well, that’s a different game altogether because you now have the potential to impacting hundreds or even thousands of lives!

I bet questions like “Am I good enough, Am I smart enough? Is my course valuable enough?” are swarming around in your head. Am I right?

What about how often you’re comparing yourself to “her” over there with her fancy Instagram and her fancy shmancy website.

If you already have an email list of loyal souls, utilize it! Test your product on a few lucky subscribers who, in return, give you feedback and glowing testimonials. Ask them questions like,

  • What tweaks or additions would they like to see?
  • Was the tech confusing or easy to navigate?
  • Was the instruction clear and concise?
  • Ask them to describe how your offer helped them transform or get unstuck.

Gather as much insight as possible so bolster your confidence in moving forward.

A money back guarantee works well with a digital program or course. Although I highly recommend putting in parameters such as showing proof of engagement up to a specific point in your program.

Action Step: Write down a list of things that would make it easier for you to put yourself out there. Choose from the list above or something you come up with yourself then take action!

Time to Let Go Of The Comparison Game And Embrace Yourself

Read that again because it’s important.

The person you’re comparing yourself to probably isn’t even close to where you are in your business right now.

In all likelihood, if you delve a bit deeper, you’ll discover they might have a substantial team, they might have been in the business significantly longer than you, or they could’ve benefited from unique circumstances that accelerated their progress.

Regardless of the reasons, they are not you. So why even entertain the idea of comparing?

This doesn’t mean you won’t reach their level eventually, but for now, focus on where you stand in your journey.

And guess what?

You’re on the verge of something great. Not only for you but for your clients.

Remember that you’re offering them a solution to a longstanding problem that’s been holding them back. To them, you are exactly who they need. So put the compare stick away- and let’s do this OK? 

The only comparison that matters is the one against yourself – are you learning and growing every time you launch?

Strive For Progress, Not Perfection

Confession time- I’m a self proclaimed perfectionist (aka procrastinator).

The only cure for this is to allow yourself to embrace imperfect action.


The stars don’t have to align. You don’t need an impeccable studio setup to record video before selling your digital product. Don’t wait until your sales page copy is perfection personified, don’t wait until you have a thousand people on your email list (because I’ve seen success with a few hundred).

Perfection is like quicksand, imperfect action propels you forward.

A note here about vulnerability. It’s easy to be caught up and overwhelmed by the illusion of everyone else’s success. From a perfect Instagram feed that looks straight out of a fashion magazine to reels that resemble a short film- here’s the truth, people aren’t drawn to perfection, they crave authenticity. And that’s you – the genuine article. Showcase what sets you apart, what makes you uniquely you. You don’t have to unveil every aspect of your personal life (unless that’s your thing), but you do need to show up!

Fear of Failure

What if nobody buys your product?

Friend, that is out of your control.

Sort of (keep reading.. I’ll explain later).

Sleazy Sales Vibe

You do you.

Find what works for your audience AND what you’re comfortable with and do that.

You don’t have to adopt a stereotypical, high-pressure sales persona (let’s be honest, that’s what freaks us out the most).

The best advice I’ve heard about sales: If you genuinely believe in your product’s potential to help those who need it, then it’s never sleazy. In fact, if you possess a solution to someone’s problem, shouldn’t you want help them?

Do you see what I’m putting down here?

Great! Let’s look at how information overload may be stopping you from moving forward with the sale of your digital product.

Sales Strategy Overload

The sea of information out there is overwhelming! It can make you feel like you’re drowning in a pool of options, bringing your progress to an abrupt halt.

I get it, the uncertainty of your next step can be paralyzing.- I mean, what if you get it wrong?

So let’s pause for a minute and sort this out.

Every self-proclaimed guru out there is telling you their strategy is the RIGHT strategy. BUT think about it, if that were true, there’s only be ONE strategy right?

I don’t know about you, but every where I look there’s a fresh strategy claiming to be the golden ticket to a six-figure launch.

Truth bomb: All of them are both right and wrong!

Because I truly believe that their strategy worked for them.

But not necessarily for you.

Your task is to pick one strategy, any strategy (and if you’re blanking out, I’ve got a suggestion for your here).

All you need to do is pick one that resonates with you and give it a shot, even if it’s not perfect. After all, the only way to know if a strategy suits your program is by putting it out there. It’s the only way you’ll uncover the answers you need for a successful launch, whether it’s a five-figure or six-figure one.

Bouncing Back From A Failed Attempt 

So, you dared to live boldly and put yourself and your digital product out into the big bad online world – kudos!

Then… crickets. (The dreaded crickets- which I never really understood because crickets are far from silent)

What if I told you that your failed attempt was actually a bigger success than you realize?

All Roads Lead To Data

When selling your digital product, all roads lead to data.

There’s a dirty little secret digital marketers like to keep from us.

It’s the one thing that will help you generate revenue from your digital program more than any other strategy. It will be the ONLY thing that will help you determine what to do next, it’ll help you determine what to focus on and what to let go, it offers insights into where your buyers originate, where they purchase and where they slipped through the buyer cracks.

Data tracking trumps strategy selection, social media platform choices, lead generation, and even the number of sales during your launch. Why? Because data unveils the strategies that work for you, the channels that drive sales, the leads that convert. These answers ultimately lead to more revenue, greater profits, and the dream life you’re yearning for.

Data may not be sexy, cool, or fun. (I mean, I think it’s cool, sexy and fun, but that’s me)

But, with data, you ALWAYS win! 

So before you embark on your selling journey, ensure you’ve got a robust tracking system in place. (And I’m not talking about just adding Google Analytics to your website. I mean meticulously tracking email links, creating event tracking for sales pages, thank you pages and UTMs to track other outside links to your website.

If all this seems overwhelming or maybe it sounds plain boring to you, let’s jump on a free 20-minute call and let’s see how I can help you get your program off the shelf and into the world so you can live that life you’ve been dreaming about.

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