You know the
digital program your building?

You're going to need someone to sell it to right?

Perfect timing!
Because I design & automate sales funnels for busy health and wellness course creators, like yourself, so you can grow your email list, sell your digital programs and grab a bit of that time freedom you've been craving!

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I Design & Automate Your Sales Funnel So you don't have to. 

Tell me that statement didn't just make you feel lighter?

The number one thing that can keep course creators stuck?
Learning tech. 
So don't!

Now tell me, what are you going to do with all that time?
No seriously, what will you do? I'll wait. 

Learning tech...
no longer required!

Learning tech...
no longer required!

the process:


Which one are you? You have an email list but they aren't engaged or their the wrong audience. OR you don't' have an email list at all.. Perfect! I love a clean slate.


Tech, tech and more tech. I love it, you don't. That's why we work so well together! This is where all the pieces come together to create your customer's journey.


The secret sauce of driving results! All that hard work you put in to create your digital program- well this is the part that really powers-up conversions. Are you ready?

hey there.

I'm Tanya, wingwoman to your sales funnel

Because I do more than just design & automate your funnel, I help you attract your ideal client and guide them toward a deeper connection to you and your brand.

First, a little story. I used to work in sales for a popular big box retailer. One day, as I'm heading to lunch, a "gentleman" stops me and says, "Hey sweetheart, you wanna make a quick BIG SALE?" The young feminist in me wasn't having that, so I made an excuse and politely directed him to another sales person. 

Later, as he was leaving, he winked at me and said "Too bad honey, you missed a good one." As I turned away from him, I smiled from ear to ear and thought "Oh honey, I'm pretty sure I didn't".  (BTW, he ended up returning most of the items and was an nightmare for customer service.) 

Moral of the story, you want to work with your ideal client and the faster you can find them the better!

Canadian girl, growthinc owner, funnel builder extraordinaire

I'm Tanya,

Tanya's unique combo of marketing and experience in the health & wellness industry has made her a 

lifesaver for my business

- natalie,

digital course Sales funnel

done for you signature offer

Calling all busy health and wellness course creators who just don't have the time or the want to go it alone and figure out the tech and strategy for building their digital course sales funnel.

Stuck and need a little help getting unstuck?

Funnel Strategy Call

Feel like you're not moving forward or you're overwhelmed because you feel there's a thousand things you think you should be doing to sell your digital program?

group Coaching

Do it with you

But not your run of the mill coaching. This is series of live workshops that will walk you through the different stages of your sales funnel. 


You've built your digital program...
Now what?

Download my roadmap and checklist so you can take the next step towards growing an email list of subscribers who buy your digital program.

ready to get serious?

about selling your digital program?

It all starts here! Now let's do this!

You've Built Your
Digital Program...
Now What?

Download my roadmap and checklist so you can take the next step towards growing an email list of subscribers who buy your digital program.

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