'Cause You Have Stuff To Do!

Like help people get healthy, see family and friends, fit in your fav show on Netflix, and on top of all that, run a business! A business that, in today's world, requires that you understand technology in order to be successful. 

My bet, is that you're here because you know what you want the tech to do, but you don't have the time, the patience or the want to do it!

And that's OK. Because I do.

I've built my business making it my business to know the right tool that will help you reach your business goals. For example, did you know that a goal (in Active Campaign) will not only enhance your email automation, but make your sales system seem less automated and more personal to your client?

If this is the kind of know-how you're looking for...

Friend, you're in the right place!

You're in the right place!

How It Works


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Once you've booked your call, I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out so I can understand your business a little better before our call.

Our chat will answer the question "How can you help me?" and will leave you with clear next steps to sell your digital product successfully.

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Done-For-You Funnels

No more headaches or frustrations. I'll take over the tech whether it be your list building funnel, your evergreen sales funnel, or your live launch funnel (yep that's a funnel too!)

Measure System

"How's my funnel performing?" That's the next question you'll ask once your list building and sales systems are in place. I'll set up a tracking system to answer that question for you.

List Building

Don't ignore your most important online asset.

Opt-In Funnel Design (lead funnel Project)
  • Lead funnel strategy call
  • Opt-in page
  • Thank you page
  • Opt-In form Integration (from email service provider)
  • Lead Magnet delivery email
  • Welcome sequence Automation Setup

Monthly list building services (ongoing)
  • Create newsletter template and schedule (monthly)
  • Update UTM links for traffic reporting (requires data setup)
  • Reporting on your opt-in campaigns (are they converting into sales)
  • A/B testing
  • Add opt-ins to new blog or podcasts

Email Service Providers I Work With

Marketing Automation Providers I Work With
Active Campaign

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This is a good fit for you if..

  • you're too busy building out your digital offer to spend time on your list building.
  • you have no desire to learn the tech skills to build a lead funnel that converts!

sales funnel

All those things that keep you from selling your digital offers like perfectionism, imposter syndrome, fear & loathing of tech (to name a few).

This is a good fit if...

If you're not making sales because the tech to put all the pieces together seems overwhelming and your offer (s) is just sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Maybe you've put your offer out there and heard crickets or maybe you've been in limbo because it takes too long to figure out all the technology involved to sell online.

I know that that all the different strategies out there can be overwhelming, which one do you choose because you don't want to get it wrong. 

The answer.. pick one, do it, track it and then make changes based on the data. As you've probably noticed, this business thing isn't a paint by numbers kind of thing. Cookie cutter strategies get you started, data gets you results. 

I'll help you implement the strategy you choose and help you optimize it to the point where you start hitting your online sales goals and objectives.

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Data package

When your sales funnel isn't converting, or you're not getting the leads you want- you just want someone to tell you how to fix it.

In holistic health, we understand biochemical individuality. That every body is different and has different health requirements.

Contrary to popular belief, marketing and sales strategies are not a one size fits all either.

Tracking data can help you determine exactly where your traffic is coming from (your FB group or was it a link in a post), how far down on your sales page did your ideal client get before leaving, and what email converts your subscriber into buyers.

With data you'll know your numbers, stop spinning your wheels and start focus on what actually works.

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The Data Package is right for
you if...

You're not currently tracking your sales and marketing strategies, or if you're tracking but don't know how to access it or understand it, or if you want clear reporting and recommendations based on your data.

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