Want me to build that lead & sales funnel for you?

Imagine having more things in your day that you "want" to do than things you "should" be doing.

I can help you do that!

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SURE, YOU *COULD* do it all yourself...

But why would you want to?

You're in the right place if...

  • You want more consistent sales from your digital marketing efforts
  • If you want consistent sales from your online offers
  • You want someone by your side to run ideas past, seek advice, understands data and how to analyze data to optimize your digital sales funnel
  • You want more freedom in your life (either time or financial), to do what you want. Btw, it's OK if you want to binge watch Netflix like the rest of us. I don't judge.
  • You believe your time is better spent elsewhere than figuring out tech and how all the pieces of your digital sales & marketing strategy go together.
  • You know yourself enough that if you don't get help to build out your sales & marketing strategy now, you may NEVER do it.

Done-For-You Process


20-Min FREE Virtual Chat

Once you've booked your call, I'll send you a questionnaire to fill out so I can understand your business  a little better before our call.

Let's discuss your goals, your struggles and, yep, your dreams for you and your online biz. You'll leave the call with  clear "next steps".

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No more headaches or frustrations. I'll take over the tech whether it be your list building funnel, your evergreen sales funnel, or your live launch funnel (yep that's a funnel too!)

Measure System

"How's my funnel performing?" That's the next question you'll ask once your list building and sales systems are in place. I'll set up a tracking system to answer that question for you.

let's be real.

you don't need me... YET

  • If you're still figuring out who your ideal client is 
  • If you're not clear on your offer or what you want to offer your ideal human
  • You prefer to learn the tech and how it all comes together on your own
  • If you don't have a website
  • If you're not ready to learn hard and sometimes painful truths about your business.
  • You've already got an engaged email list and you're making sales consistently. You go girl! You don't need me.

But... If you're ready to


Stop guessing and start using data-driven decisions to determine what's working and what's not in  your digital sales & marketing strategies.


Have someone take over the reigns and do what they love so you can do more of what you love

Get serious about building an email list of leads and nurturing them into buyers.


Understand fully how your sales funnel is performing and see where you can get better results.

It's time for us to chat!

Tanya was incredibly helpful at supporting me when I launched my 

first online health program.

- Ellen, Naturopath

Here's how I help your biz:


Funnel Map . Webinar Sales Page . Course Sales Page . Thank you page . Automated Email set up (autoresponders, reminders etc.) . Countdown Timers . Integrations . Testing 
*fully customizable package, book a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss.

Funnel Map . Opt-In page . Thank you page . Opt-In form . Lead magnet deliver email . Welcome Sequence Automation . Data System Setup . One-month Support
*fully customizable package, book a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss.


Traffic & Funnel Dashboard . Set up GA4 account & add to website . Set up UTM parameters . Analytics & Reporting . Ongoing support option
*fully customizable package, book a free 20-minute discovery call to discuss.

Working with me will 

give you:

+ More freedom to do what you want to do

+ more consistency in your online sales & marketing efforts

+ more insights into your ideal client and their buying behaviours

+ the ability to make informed marketing & sales decisions

want something like that?

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Tanya is not only knowledgeable about digital marketing, but she's also 

a holistic nutritionist!

- Daniela, Holistic Chef



Are you ready to start binge watching Netflix? I mean are you ready to let me do the work so you can do more of what you want?