Strategies to Boost the Conversions In Your Digital Sales Funnel

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Hi I'm Tanya - Digital Sales Funnel Data Specialist. I'm here to help you generate the most income from your online offers so you can get to living that life you've been dreaming about!

Hi, I'm Tanya

You’re here because your sales funnel audit showed that you have a conversion problem. Congrats!!! I personally think this is the easiest to fix! Well done you. It means you’re doing the right things to get your offer in front of your ideal crowd-no easy feet my friend!

Now, grab your thinking cap and read a bit further for some ingenious conversion brilliance (OK, not going to lie, chat gpt came up with that line and I just had to use it – the rest is all me)

What the heck is going on with your sales page?

You know what I’m about to say… “Let’s look at the data”.

Data can tell us so much about your sales page like, where are you losing them? Let’s start there. We could also end there- no really, we could, because knowing when people are saying “I’m out”, tells you pretty much, exactly where the problem is.

Ok, now you know where they’re bouncing from your sales page- check. Now what?

Have you asked them to take clear action? Did you use a button to tell them how to take action? Did you address their pain points? Did you show them how your offer or service will transform their lives? Have you described where they are now and how they are feeling? In their own words?” No?

Ask Them To Take Action

Are you telling your ideal client what to do? Sounds bossy, but in a crowded internet, you have to take control. Phrases like “Click Here”, Download Now”, “Buy Here”, Let’s Chat”, “Register Here”. You can also have fun with this and put a call to action (CTA) as something they may be thinking, “I’m ready”, “Let’s Do This”, “It’s Time For Me”.

CTA’s are important and put them above the fold- the top part of your website or landing page that people land on and see first before scrolling. Why? It’s a busy internet out there! AND your ideal client is coming to you for guidance, to see if you have the answers. They’ve spent enough time in the dark, they want you to provide clarity for them – “Buy Now”, “Click Here”. Make sense?

Also, is your CTA noticeable? Make it stand out- use brighter colours, make it big- are your eyes drawn to it when you land on your sales page?

Ok, you’ve added a CTA above the fold- now what?

Test it-yup, I know, you’ve only made one small change. Thought you were going to have to redo your entire sales page right?

No, just one small but important change and now you’re going to test it. If you make another change, you’re not really going to know made the difference- make sense?

If you’ve tested it and your still not making sales, let’s keep going.

Are You Talkin’ To Me?

That’s not what you want your ideal client saying to themselves when they’re reading your sales page, you want them saying “OMG, she’s talking to me!” or “Get out of my head!”.

So, are you talking to them? Are you describing their pain points? Are you expressing how they feel before they use your program or service- preferably using their language?

Without having to say it, you’re saying “You’re in the right place”. Subconsciously, they are starting to trust you even more because you understand them, they’re feeling heard. How do you feel when you’re being seen or heard by someone- pretty good right?

But How Will It Make Me Feel?

“People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou.

We are all just walking feelings. So if you’re trying to connect with someone, you have to invite feelings to the party. What does that even mean? You have to tell them how they are going to feel after using your product or service. What’s the transformation they will experience? Use the words they use (if possible, but not necessary if this is your first kick at the can). Your ideal crowd want to know “What’s in this for me?” So tell them, straight up, no chaser.

Trust is currency

If you haven’t noticed by now, your sales page is all about building trust with your ideal audience. Do you have social proof? If you don’t have testimonials, tell your own story here or a story of one of your clients who used your service, went to your workshop or went through your program with success! Social proof helps to position yourself as the authority in your field- without looking like your bragging. It raises your credibility and creates a sense of confidence in your offerings.

Trust is the big player when it comes to paving the way for conversion brilliance (thanks again chat gpt)

Sense Of Urgency

Now, before you go off on me how you don’t want to feel like a used car salesman (poor used car salesmen), you don’t have to be.

If countdown timers, scarcity messages and limited time offers aren’t your jam- which is often the case in the health & wellness industry, no problem, there are other ways to create a sense of urgency.

Letting your audience know that you’re program starts is tomorrow- and it does start tomorrow is a sense of urgency. Want a more subtle way, let them know that if they join your waiting list or if they book a call with you today, they’ll get a bonus- make it a damn good bonus- and I promise you, you will NEVER feel icky about that. I highly recommend letting people know that your program does start tomorrow though.. we all live busy lives, they’ll appreciate the reminder. It only gets weird when you’re sending 20 emails telling them that your program starts in 5 days, 4,3,2- you get it.

Believe it or not, social proof can be a form of urgency. Letting others tell your ideal crowd how amazing your membership or service is and how they are further ahead in their journey- creates a fear of missing out.

Time to go change, or update one thing, test it and come back here if you need to look at something else. It’s not a fast way to success, but it is a proven one.

If you didn’t come here from my sales funnel audit and you’re thinking “I want this sales funnel audit”, CLICK HERE. Enjoy!

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