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Hi I'm Tanya - Digital Sales Funnel Data Specialist. I'm here to help you generate the most income from your online offers so you can get to living that life you've been dreaming about!

Hi, I'm Tanya

We’ve all heard the stories- I mean Instagram is filled with reels on “How I made six-figures on my launch”, painting a perfect picture of overnight success. BUT, what if despite your best efforts, you’ve heard mostly crickets when you launched your membership, workshop or signature program? Did doubt creep in? Is your online offer on a shelf collecting dust? Did fear and uncertainty cloud your next move?

If so, you’re in the right place my friend!

Now, before you scrap your entire funnel and start from scratch, I want to introduce you to The Funnel-Fix System. A simple way to figure out what went wrong using data.

Oh, btw, I have personally never seen an overnight successnot that it doesn’t happen, just never seen it…

What Exactly Is The Funnel-Fix System?

In essence, the Funnel-Fix System is a process to help you figure out why you’re not getting sales or engagement from your digital sales funnel. It does this by determining, at a high level, if you have a traffic issue, a lead issue or a conversion issue using data. Once you know that, you can strategically look at the individual parts of your sales funnel to help you decide what changes need to be made.

I know, sounds too simple right?

Well, it kinda is!

Why It Works?

Strategic. Ever heard the saying “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at at time”. Well, we’re not eating elephants here, but breaking down big problems into smaller ones makes them easier to solve and that’s more our jam. In the case of your digital sales funnel, Let’s break it down into four systems so you can look more closely at all the moving parts- more on that later.

Less personal. Sometimes, being too close to your business or product can make it hard to see what’s really going on. But data doesn’t play favourites. It helps you see things clearly and without any biases.

Takes the guesswork out. Without the proper data, you’re guessing. And, nobody should be guessing in their business – that’s taking the long road to success.

Data-driven insights. Data sheds light on every part of your sales funnel. It helps you understand everything from how your audience is interacting with your content to spotting tech glitches that need fixing.

Rinse and Repeat. The beauty of this system lies in its repetitive nature. By repeating this process, making tweaks, and seeing how they affect your results, you’re sales funnel can keep you moving towards those big life dreams!

What You Need For The System To Work?

If your sales funnel has made at least one sale, that’s great! Now you have a baseline or starting point to analyze your data.

But, if you’re just starting out and you haven’t sold a product yet, you’re still in the right place. Setting up data tracking right from the beginning is important for building a strong foundation for future optimization efforts.

What Tools Do You Need?

  • Sales Funnel Audit – Helps you figure out if you have a traffic issue, a lead issue, a conversion issue or a measurement issue
  • Google Analytics – What I recommend to all my clients as it can show you the complete customer journey
  • Software Analytics – Required if you don’t have Google Analytics or if you need more specific data that you can’t get from Google Analytics

How To Use The Funnel-Fix System

Your digital sales funnel is a combination of systems that work together for the purpose of attracting potential customers and turning them into buyers. These parts include:

  1. Traffic system- how you bring people to your site
  2. Lead generation system – the process of turning visitors into potential customers
  3. Conversion system – how well you convince potential customers to make a purchase

The Funnel-Fix System is comprised of these three parts, plus a fourth called the measurement system. It’s the system that helps you track and analyze how well the other parts are working together and individually.

To get started:

Conduct a Digital Sales Funnel Audit

My Sales Funnel Audit template will help you identify if you have an issue with traffic getting to your funnel, turning that traffic into leads, or converting those leads into buyers. (Click here for your funnel audit template)

Btw, if you don’t have access to the data required to fill the Digital Sales Funnel Audit- you have your first course of action. Set up Google Analytics to get the data you need.

Once you know the problem (traffic, leads, or conversions), you can start to dig deeper into the correlating system.

Digging Deeper

Traffic System

Here’s the thing you want to remember, data is only as good as the questions you ask of it. If you’re having an issue getting enough traffic to your site, you’ll want the data to tell you where your current traffic is coming from. You can find this in Google Analytics or your funnel software analytics. For those who want more advanced results, you’ll want to use something called UTM parameters- but they are not necessary to get started.

Here are some traffic related questions:

  • Is your traffic system working?
  • If you’re using social media to attract new clients to your funnel, is it working?
  • Is there one social platform that outperforms the other?
  • Are you paying for ads that are bringing you-not only potential leads, but the right ones?
  • What are the other traffic sources bringing visitors to your funnel? (other than social media)

Lead System

This system is comprised of your opt-in, your opt-in page and your delivery email. Some of the questions you’ll want to ask here are:

  • Is your lead generation system working?
  • Are your leads increasing over time?
  • How many people are seeing your opt-in page? Is it enough?
  • When people land on your opt in page, are they handing over their email address or are they leaving? Why?
  • If they do hand over their email address, are they being nurtured, are your subscribers engaging or are they unsubscribing?
  • Did they open your delivery email? What was the open rate?
  • Are your visitors viewing on desktop or mobile?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you can start to figure out the issue. For example, if people are viewing your opt-in page but leaving before giving you their email address, what’s going on? Is your headline clear and compelling? Maybe your page too busy with content and graphics? Is it mobile friendly?

Conversion System

This system involves (usually) a nurture sequence, email marketing, a sales page, a checkout page and all the thank you pages. Here are some conversion questions:

  • Are your emails pulling their weight and getting people in front of your offer?
  • Are your email open rates and click through rates too low?
  • Are people landing on your sales page?
  • How long do they stay, do they follow through to the checkout page and become a
    buyer? If not, where are you losing them?

If you’re email open rates and click through rates are low, what steps can you do to change them? You could look at your deliverability- are your emails going to spam? Is your nurture sequence inline with your opt-in? Does it make sense, does it continue to offer value?

Measurement System

In most cases, you’ll have access to all of this data through either Google Analytics or your software analytics, but it’s how you use it that really matters. The more you practice using the Funnel-Fix System, the more you’ll understand what the data is telling you – enabling you to make decisions faster and prioritize the changes.

In my opinion, any data is good data but if you’re like me, a little isn’t enough. You might have been content knowing how many people landed on your sales page, but what you really want to understand is is whether that particular email you sent out on a specific day with a specific link actually converted a lead into a buyer, or if the link you shared in an Instagram post directed anyone to your opt-in landing page. If you’re thinking “Ooh, yes, I want to know that!”, welcome to my world, glad to have you here!

One Thing To Remember

Here’s where most people get impatient. If it’s your first time going through this process, you’ll probably find several things you want to “fix”. I urge you to focus on one or two things per system, at first. Eventually I recommend tweaking only one thing per audit. As your funnel starts to perform, you’ll want to know what it was that made the difference. If for example, you made 2 changes to your sales page, how will you know which one made your conversion rate improve? Make sense?

What To Do Next

I understand that the Funnel-Fix is all fine and dandy to have and to know, but the issue still remains that, as a busy business owner, you may not have the time to go through this process, OR to learn Google Analytics- you just want someone to do it for you. That’s where I come in.

There are three ways you can learn more about fixing your funnel:

  1. Here in my blog
  2. Instagram
  3. Get my newsletter where I’ll send you tips on data, how to optimize your funnel, and tutorials in Google Analytics and other tech related to your sales funnel so you can get help and support to speed up the process.

If you’re ready to skip the line and get to those big life dreams faster, than book a 20-minute FREE Funnel-Fix Call with me! At the very least, you’ll leave that call with a plan of action to get your funnel headed in the right direction. Sound good?

Book a Free 20-minute Funnel-Fix Call here (don’t forget to bring your chai latte!)

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