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Hi I'm Tanya - Digital Sales Funnel Data Specialist. I'm here to help you generate the most income from your online offers so you can get to living that life you've been dreaming about!

Hi, I'm Tanya

About a year ago, I opted into an email list and, as expected, began moving through their nurture sequence.

At first, it looked like just another, run-of-the-mill, email sequence- the welcome email introducing me to their community and the next day offering me an irresistible discount on their signature program. But, mid-way through this particular email, they did something I had never seen before (and I’ve seen A LOT of email sequences).

They made me feel like I was speaking to a human.


Rather then continue sending me half a dozen emails that shove their offer down my inbox; they handed over the reins to me with a simple sentence.

They said, “Hey, Tanya, are you good with this promo email? If not, click here to opt out of them for the next six months and I’ll check in again later.”

Wait, what?

I opted out.

What they didn’t know is that I’m an impulse buyer who was interested in their offer- just wasn’t ready to part with my money, so I say (I probably would have bought it the next day).

Instead, I bought four months later.

They may not have made a sale right off the bat, but giving me options made me like them more, trust them more. It felt like they actually cared about the person on the other end. That they were just happy to have me in their community.

If you’re wondering how I ended up buying after only four months. Continue reading!

My clients are always asking me what do I put in my nurture sequence. The magic lies in genuine copy and understanding what your tech is capable of. (they are not all equal unfortunately)

So, how does a health & wellness business maintain a kind heart in the cold, techy world? Let’s start with email marketing in your list building and digital sales efforts.

Properly Segmenting Your Audience:


Giving me options accelerated my like and trust factor with this business. They let me choose how I wanted to interact with their business vs how they wanted me to interact with their business. Promo emails, weekly emails, monthly emails, or something in between – it was my call.

You’ll generally see these options when you try to unsubscribe from a company. BUT by then you’re usually so annoyed with the promo emails, that you just want out. This company was proactively letting me know that I ALWAYS have options.

I wouldn’t say jump into this strategy right away if you’re new to list building. I’m sure there was data telling them when the average buying cycle was for their new subscribers, and it was probably around the six month mark. At six months, they would’ve sent me another batch of promo emails.


If you’re a yoga instructor, folks outside your local area don’t need or want emails about your local classes- but they do want info about your online classes. Segmenting the two will allow you to send emails that pertain to that particular segment- local classes for local subscribers, online class info for those who are outside the local area. It’s a little more work on your part, but a little goes a long way! Making a subscriber feel like you’re speaking directly to them is what will set you apart in a very noisy online world.


Sort subscribers by their level of interaction with your business. Those who engage often with your business might need a different touch than those who’ve gone quiet. Send out a re-engagement campaign to those who have gone quiet- speaking to them directly.

Type of Offer:

Tailor your messages based on your different offerings. Don’t send info on one-on-one services to those keen on online programs. Keep it relevant.

Segmenting makes your subscribers feel in control, builds trust, and ensures they get the content they want.

Proper Tagging

Actions & Interests

If a subscriber is segmented as ‘no promo emails for 6 months’ BUT they took action and clicked a link on a sales page that tagged them, the tag can now identify them as engaging with your sales funnel.

Trigger An Automation

A tag can trigger an automation that will deliver the right content at the right time. The magic happens when a subscriber takes action and triggers a set of emails that support that action. For example, if a client clicks on a checkout button on a sales page but doesn’t purchase, you can send an email reminding them that they have an item in their cart. (That’s how I purchased the signature program after four months. I went to the sales page and clicked on the checkout. I received an email reminding me that I didn’t checkout. A few days later when I still didn’t purchase, they asked me if I’d be kind enough to let them know why. I had mentioned cost. Promptly they sent me a discount- a few days after that they let me know of an extended payment plan- without penalty. Since I like to keep my money in the bank as long as possible, this was the key to me taking the plunge. Thinking back, I felt like that promo sequence was tailored specifically for me and my needs)

Track Their Journey Through Your Sales Funnel

Tagging allows you to track your subscriber’s journey, and understand how they interact with your business and your sales funnel. For example, you’ll want to know the link they clicked on that led to a purchase.

Tags help you create a personalized experience and make subscribers feel like they’re the star of the show.


Learning About Your Ideal Client

Data might sound cold, but it’s a goldmine of insights. It tells you what your audience likes and dislikes, how long it takes them to make a purchase, and whether your copy resonates with them.

You can also use data to ask subscribers if they want to opt out of promo emails – and time it right to when most of them tend to buy.

In a world that’s increasingly digital, there’s still a place for the human touch. It’s all about using tech to strengthen connections, provide a more personalized experience, and make your audience feel valued.

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