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As a Digital Sales & Marketing Tech VA.
I'll go into detail about how I serve my current clients so you can better understand how I can help you.

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Digital Sales Funnels

How I can help your business generate revenue online from your digital offers and everything tech!

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Sales Funnel Data

The secret sauce to get your digital sales funnel converting!

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email list building

Tips, tricks and so much more about how to grow an engaged email list.

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hey there.

I'm Tanya, Digital sales funnel specialist

It started over lunch, some lemon water, a green tea and a good friend saying, "Pick a date and do it". 

October 12, 2018 was the day I left my 9-5. After 15 years in sales and operations, I moved into digital marketing tech and funnels for online entrepreneurs in the health & wellness industry and beyond!

I'm a lover of Holistic Nutrition and great food! AND although I get excited by the buzz of the city, I may just be a country girl after all.

In my little corner of the internet, people tell me they don't want to lose me. They like having someone to turn to, talk to or vent to when things are going a little crazy around them (like a launch can!) And I'm the one with the answers when they're stuck or not sure what to do next with their digital offers.

You started your online venture with a goal in mind, I'm here to help you reach it!

Welcome, so glad you're here!


Canadian girl, growthinc owner, data specialist, sales Funnel strategist


Are Your Online Offers Selling Like Your Big Life Dreams Need Them To?

Banging your head against the wall trying to get your online offer to sell? If you're a health practitioner and you struggle to get consistent sales from your online workshop or signature program- fill out my free funnel audit and find out where the problem is.

If your not using data to measure your digital sales funnel or you are but not sure what the numbers mean, then download my Fix Your Funnel System to get concrete answers and a personalized path to those big dreams!

No? Want to know why AND what to do about it?

Marketing by

ready to get serious?

about selling your digital products?

It all starts here! Now let's do this!



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Hey there

for being here!


It's a very vulnerable and courageous thing to put yourself out there for the world to see and criticize. But here I am :)

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